DIY Batcave (That Looks Nothing Like the Batcave)

Hello! It is I, Tenor Dad, the living Pinterest Fail, here to tell you how to make your child’s room into a Batcave. That, obviously, looks nothing like the actual Batcave. So let’s get started!

The first thing I decided to do was to get some large, flat boards that I would then somehow attach to each other, paint to look like the wall of a cave, and then attach to the bottom bunk of my son’s bright red bunk beds. This would go quite well with the wall shelf that I was planning to make. My idea was to create a shelf that looked like a rock and then attach it to the wall, to augment that cavey ambiance.

What I found was some spray paint that guaranteed a rocky looking finish on any substance. I purchased the paint, along with a black shelf and some styrofoam that I was then going to carve into a rocky shape. Here is a helpful hint for you first-time do-it-yourselfers: when you carve styrofoam with a steak knife it does not look like a rock, but it does spread teensy pieces of foam all over your entire living room.

Now once you have your rock-ish shape (that looks nothing like a rock), you are ready to head to a well-ventilated area for some super fun spray painting! I sprayed the heck out of that foam, and it did kind of look like a rock! Ish! Mostly! On the other hand, when I went to spray my plywood it did not look like a rock, and I also only had enough spray paint for 1.3 of my 4 boards. Since the thing of spray paint was $11, I immediately gave up. We did not really need a Batcave bed after all! Ha ha! Silly me for thinking that we did!

DIY Batman Shelf

So I had my painted foam, and my black shelf. To complete the Batcave look, I put up Batman curtains, and added Batman sheets and blankets to the bed. I also purchased a Batman poster which I put on the wall, to make it clear that we were in Batman’s secret lair. Batman’s secret lair has tons of Batman posters on the wall. So now that the room looked exactly like a Target ad for a Batman bedroom, it was time to hang the masterpiece that was my shelf.

DIY Batbed

The shelf did not want to stick into the wall. I did find one stud, but there were 5 screws. Luckily I had wall anchors. Which did not work. I have no idea what this house is made of, but it is not shelf-friendly. I did the best I could. I hope he does not lean on the shelf. Or put anything onto it. Or breathe in the same room as it. It should be fine. So with the shelf firmly attached to the wall, it was time to add the rocky foam. I used a lot of tape, but it kept falling down. I have some glue somewhere, but I think it is still packed. So I had to use a lot of tape, over and around the whole shelf. It looks amazing. Like there was a battle there recently against the Joker, and the cave had to be taped back together! Yes, it is much cave-ier with all of that tape.

DIY Batroom

Look, the point is that Edward looooooooved the room! He was almost too excited to sleep in it last night! I put his Batman alarm clock onto the shelf (which did not crumble under the weight!), and I put a big stuffed Batman on his bed as well. If I could have found a Batman rug, that might have been the only thing left that hadn’t been batitized. And with these handy instructions, you too can make your child’s room into a Bathaven from the world. If you have any questions about any of the steps, please direct them to someone who knows what they are doing. Thank you.

DIY Batcave

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