Bear’s Song

Hello. Bear hear. Nice to sea you again. Ruby’s dad is always righting songs and pomes and stuff, and he never lets me do anything! So I wrote a pome today too. It is a very good pome full of rimes. I hope you like it. It is called “Bear’s Song”

Bear’s Song

Beware the bear in the air over there.
He don’t care.
We don’t stare.
She won’t, he won’t,
see those mosquitos
or be those taquitos.
Doritos are delicious.
Burritos are nutritious.
But we broke all the dishes,
so my wish is that this is my sanctuary,
my legendary thigh-high, tri-site guy hideaway,
my time to play.
I rhyme and climb up trees.
My crime’s a tease.
There’s slime on my knees and fur.
She’s a her, and I’m a him.
I prefer to incur no penalties.
It’s grim; chances are slim.
She chants a hymn.
My pants are trim cause they’re made of skin.
I played a thing in the arcade,
and I paid,
but they chased me away,
they say bear money is no good to pay, okay?
It’s not funny, skies were sunny,
but now some guy’s poking my soft tummy,
joking? It’s not funny!
I may be a stuffy, but don’t rebuff me.
Just care and love me,
be aware, don’t judge me there.
Play it fair. I got hugs to spare,
cause as I’m sure you’re aware
I’m a heck of a bear!

Huh. That was a pretty good pome, but you mite not bee reading it right. You mite not half the rhythm in yore bones. Maybe I should sing it fore you. Then you will no what a good pome it is. Hold on. Let me do it.

Okay, there, I sang it four you. You kin watch it down there.

Did you watch it? Good. Now I am going back to my plan of taking over the house. Once I have put my bear mark everywhere, I will come back an tell you all about it. Good buy.

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