To Edward on His Seventh Birthday

Dear Edward,

What’s up Buddy?! You are seven! I know that you know this because you have been walking around with a crinkly tube shaped into a number seven for pretty much the past 24 hours. So it is exciting. I wish that seven were not only your age, but also the time that you woke up this morning, but 5:50 works too. I get it. You were excited.

I am excited too. I am excited that you have completed an entire age with no seizures and no emergency room visits. Let’s keep that trend going this year! As if any of us had any control over it, right? But I can tell that things are settling down. I went to your parent-teacher conference yesterday afternoon, and your teacher told me that you are having a great fresh start at your new school, and that you are almost caught up with everything you missed in Kindergarten from being sick the whole year. That is great news.

I knew you would catch up. You are very smart, and you work really hard with good encouragement. I love to hear you sing and make music. You are figuring out the piano and the drums, and you sing like I did at your age, in tune and booming. Between that, your guitar, and your harmonica, I think you are already a musician. This makes me very happy.

For the first time in years, you did not get a giant item with wheels for your birthday. You are in that in-between stage now, too big for the little cars and too small for the actual cars (thank goodness!). But you did get a punching bag, which is pretty big. No wheels, but I think you will have a lot of fun with it. You aren’t really a destructobot anymore, but let’s harness some of that energy!

It’s strange now, for me anyway. I don’t really have any little kids anymore. My children are 7 and 10. That’s straight-up regular kid territory. I think we are both about to enter a new phase of life. I can tell that you can’t wait. That’s good. I’m happy too, to move on to bigger and better things. We’ve had a rough few years. But I see great things for you, and for us all. Here’s to a great age. Happy Birthday. I love you.

Love, Dad

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