Good Names For Parenting Blogs

As the writer of a highly successful parenting blog, as well as the writer of a highly successful opera blog, I would like to offer a hand up to some of my fellow would-be bloggers.  Writing posts every day is the easy part, you will not need any help with that bit.  No, the biggest challenge that you will face is picking out a good name for your new blog.  Unfortunately, all the good names, like “Tenor Dad” are already taken, but don’t give up hope!  There are still plenty of mediocre names out there for you to choose from.

The most important thing about naming your blog is that you want the name to reflect the theme of the blog.  By simply looking at the name of this blog, “Tenor Dad,” you can instantly tell that this blog is about the experiences of someone who has no money and doesn’t get enough sleep.  Now, let’s assume that you want to start a parenting blog about your experiences as a parent.  You could name it something boring, like “The Parenting Blog,” but that would be bad, because that name is already taken.  Instead you should try to capture a slice of what it is like to be a parent in one short phrase or sentence.  To get you started, here are some great ideas for blog names that are NOT already taken.

Why is This Broken?

I Used To Be Awesome

Pooping With the Door Open

I Remember Sleep

Shower Interrupted

Where Did You Hear That Word?

Avoiding the Candy Aisle

Put That Down!

Go Ask Your Mother

Go Ask Your Father

Go Ask Your Grandmother

I’ll Go Get the Wipes

Okay, okay, “Pooping With the Door Open” is actually taken, but it’s not a parenting blog, so I still think it could work.  I hope these ideas will be useful to you as you set out on your exciting new venture, and if they’re not, well, you can always start an opera blog instead.

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  1. Here are a few that I should’ve used for my new blog:

    Don’t bite your brother

    I’ll tell you when you grow up

    Climb down the curtain, right now!

    That’s question number 256 and it’s only 10am

  2. Great!
    We start off early watching television and then envisioning our American dream. As a child, we play with our babies, doll houses, and writing in our diaries. We start at the tender age of 4 or 5 looking for our prince charming to marry. Over time, we replace our crushes of princes and other Disney characters with real boys. Sometimes it is the boy that sits next to you in class or a movie star. Either way, it is getting you ready for that all important task called LOVE………


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