Self-Righteously Cheap Wedding Themes

My friends Rumple Station and Tart Comma are getting married. Well, okay, they’re actually already married because, in true self-righteously cheap fashion, they had a secret state wedding over a year ago and didn’t tell anyone. But now that the cat is out of the bag, they have decided to hold an actual wedding. The […]

Donald Trump’s 2016 Tax Return Leaked!

At 11:59 PM last night, just as the Republican President was filing his tax return, a copy was secretly made and transported out of the White House. That copy has become available to us, and we now share it with you, in the interests of transparency. You probably have many questions, the most important being, “Why […]

Tenor Dad’s Patented Weight Loss Tips (Patent Pending)

As an expert in the field of personal weight loss (you will be pleased to know that I have lost 15 pounds in the past two months), it has occurred to me that you may also want to reap the benefits of my vast knowledge. Sure, some of it is hard work, but really weight […]

To Protect Your Children’s Identities Online, Give Them Famous Names

In these troubled times of Snapchat harassment, Facebook stalkers, catfishing, and stolen identities, we parents are more concerned than ever as to how to keep our children safe online. It is doubly a worry then for we bloggers, who put information about our children online all the time. How can we protect them? We’ve all […]

The Various Meanings of “Don’t”

I love the English language. No, seriously, I do. I have so much fun with its quirks. I enjoy how several different words can be spelled differently, and yet pronounced the same. I love how several different words can be spelled the same, and yet pronounced differently. And of course, I love how one single […]

One Sentence Summaries of the 15 Most Performed Operas in the World

La traviata – A young man’s family tries to keep him from marrying a dying prostitute. Carmen – An angry mama’s boy takes revenge on his ex-girlfriend, a street magician working for big tobacco. La bohème – A bunch of lazy freeloaders complain about things until they die. Tosca – Local police track down a […]

The 5 Stages of Your Kid Refusing to Go to School

STAGE 1: DENIAL Ummmm, no you did not just say to your mother that you are not going to school. No. That did not happen. Just admit that it never happened and we’re good. We can all go about our days like normal people who are not about to have a battle. No battles today, okay? […]

What Does Your Anagram Really Say About You?

An anagram, as I’m sure you astute readers are aware, is just a rearranging of the letters in a word or a phrase to make a new word or phrase. People use anagrams as a kind of code sometimes, to create pseudonyms or secret messages. So yes, there can be value in playing with anagrams. How […]