I Am Not a Journalist. I Am Not a Reporter. I Am a Blogger.

First of all, have you seen the new Spider-Man movie? It is fantastic. Best one yet. Tom Holland take all of the magical awkwardness of Tobey’s Peter Parker and all of the smooth quippiness of Andrew’s Spidey, and combines them into the best fully developed characterization we’ve had yet on the big screen for my […]

Dammit Jim, I’m a Storyteller, not a Question Answerer!

I have a problem. I know I have it, and yet I don’t know what to do about it. Because I only realize I am doing it after the fact when it is too late. In the moment, I am providing much-needed clarity. It is only through the powers of Captain Hindsight that I am […]

Goodbye Thursdays

I had plans to write something great today. I was going to tell you how Ruby and I both got glasses, and how cute we were, and how excited she was. I was going to tell you that Edward was jealous, but that he will also be getting glasses in a few weeks after further […]

The Problem With Being Creative

Do you know what the world values? Productivity. It values output. It values results! And we creative types can get results. Most of the time. We output all over the place. We can be productive. But the creative process is different than other processes. Sometimes we need to sit and do nothing for two hours. We […]

Tenor Dad After Dark

Hello readers, and welcome to Tenor Dad After Dark, our late-night, adults-only version of our regular blog. Here after 10 PM we can say things like “The Eff Word” and “Poopy Stink Fart.” We can talk about obscene subjects like “Pornographic Films” and “Donald Trump.” Yes, the kid gloves are off tonight my friends. Let’s […]

Blog With a Dog

Okay, I have a little bit of time to write something today. The kids are both at school; the school has not called. All is well. I have to go teach soon, but for now, I can sit here and… BARK! Well what do you want? BARK! You want to go out? Ugh. Fine. I […]

Privacy is a Myth; Please Don’t Shoot Me

You all know who I am. Probably. While I don’t include my name on this site (mostly), I don’t think it would be too hard for someone to figure out who “Tenor Dad” really is. After all, I post everything I write through my personal Facebook page, and I assume that nobody else is so […]

The Best Experience a Dad Blogger Can Have

Some days I write for myself, just to get something out of my system. Like yesterday. Other days I write for you. Yes, you. I write something that I hope you will enjoy. I hope you will laugh, reflect, learn, or smile. Like the day before yesterday. But honestly, I write a lot of these […]

Banned From the Kids’ Table

I was contacted recently by a site called Mothering in the Middle, wondering if I would be interested in being a regular contributor to their blog about “midlife” parenting. Their site deals specifically with older parents, or rather with people who became parents closer to middle age than middle school. When you get pregnant at 35 […]