Goodbye New Job

So I was doing an online test for a possible part time job, in which they live recorded me via my computer’s microphone and then evaluated me for work.  It was going ok until my children suddenly remembered that I was doing something important and they were supposed to stop me from doing it.

It started off with Ruby just asking me fifty questions about her crayons after I had specifically told her not to bother me while I was doing this.  I guess that made her want to go bother her brother, who promptly pulled her hair, causing her to emit bloodcurdling shrieks that lasted for almost up to a minute, causing me to be unable to hear what was being said, or think, and did I mention the microphone was on?

I do hope you remembered that the microphone was on, because otherwise you might not realize how bad it was when Ruby finally decided to run around behind me yelling “I hurt my vagina!” over and over again.  It turns out she had tried to climb into Edward’s crib and had bumped her crotch on the side on the way over.  Don’t worry, she’s fine.  My job prospects, I fear, were not so lucky.

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  1. LMFAO!!!!!! Hopefully a woman was on the other side listening, she would be much more likely to understand the trials of having young ones around you. Hope it goes well for you though 🙂

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