Arrrrrrrgh.  Today be a special day.  A day ta celebrrrate all things Pirrrratey!  Ta starrrrt the day, I woke up arrrrrly and shivered me timbers right overrrr to the showarrrrrrgh.  I put on me Sunday best, surrrely I did.  Then, I hopped into me carrrrrrrgh.  Churrrrch ’tis only a few leagues away, so it wasn’t very farrrrgh.

I’m in the choiarrrrrrgh.  Twas many a bonny lass twas at this service, I tell yer.  Those soprrranos and altos be truly above parrrrrgh.  Jason “Kiss o’ Death” Kissel sat down at the pianarrrgh.  The music was of a pleasing sorrrt, so nobody had ta walk the plank.  Just when we thought twas going ta be a fine day, Alison “Keel” Halsey stepped up to the altarrrrrgh.  Not surrre what she were talkin’ about, but Yo Ho, it sounded like she wanted to add a Starrrrrghbucks to the churrrch.  Ahoy, but wouldn’t that be somethin’.  Last week she wanted the churrrrch to be more like a barrrrrgh.

When the saaaarghvice was ovarrrgh, therrre was a lovely reception fer ol’ Kiss o’ Death Kissel.  He’s a mighty fine orrrrganist; a true shining starrrrgh.  On the way back ta me ship, I stopped by fer some gruel at Chipotle, and grabbed meself a burritarrrrrgh.  Now, after I swab the deck, I kin sit back, relax and watch some pirrratey shows I saved on my DV Arrrrrrgh.  I can harrrdly wait until next Septembarrrrrgh.

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day everrrrybody!

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