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Well, I got the results back from my recent photo shoot, and out of over 100 shots, I have narrowed the field down to three.  But as anyone who has ever had headshots taken knows, it is very difficult to choose the final shot, especially as many of them look so similar.  It can all come down to an eyebrow, or a tilt of the head, or just a tiny difference in the shape of the smile.  This is why I need as many opinions as I can get.  Here are the three finalists I am choosing from.  Please vote in the comments for your favorite.


This one looks good for a lot of reasons, but mostly the expression.  I seem to be saying “Really?  You’re not going to hire me?  You are an idiot.” which is what all singers are thinking during their auditions.  The problem with this one is that it is sideways.  Is that weird?  Is it okay to hand someone a packet with your resume and bio and then have your headshot be sideways?  I’m not sure, but again I am being overly picky here.


This one looks even better than the last one, but I am wearing a tie in this one.  I am worried that the tie does not look good.  Do you see that weird wrinkle in it, or is that just me?  I would hate to toss out a great photo just because of the tie, but I really want to look like a professional opera singer in whatever shot I choose, so I can’t afford to overlook any detail, no matter how small…


Of all three shots, I am probably leaning the most towards this one.  I am not wearing a tie, it is not sideways, and my expression is spot on.  I look fun and confident.  I just worry that my arms are not hairy enough to pull off the birthday suit look.  I guess I could digitally add some shoulder hair or something, but that just feels like dishonesty to me, and if the opera company wants me to perform naked (which they obviously will after seeing this photo) then I worry that they might be disappointed in my only partial hairiness.

Well, as you can see the shoot was a huge success, and whichever photo I decide on will clearly get me tons of singing jobs, but I could sure use your help in picking that winning look.  What do you think, loyal readers?  Shot 1, 2, or 3?  And let me know soon.  I want to print out like 500 of these.

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  1. Actually the expression in 3 is perfect, the problem is, it’s right next to the pencil in your site background, which creates a slightly perverse parallel.

  2. Number three for sure. It has that “come hither” look, which will definitely catch any director’s eye. And all the fur – it gives your mancleavage even more mystery. BTW, the strange wrinkle that disturbed you about photo number two is called a cameltie.

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