I Wish The Car Had Not Hit Me…

We turned out of Taekwan-do, ready to get home and eat the dinner that was sitting on the passenger seat. I had to get to choir rehearsal, and Ruby needed to prepare for her play the next morning at school. It was just after 5:30, so traffic was backed up. I drove slowly behind the long line or cars waiting to turn left at the light, until finally the lanes diverged and I got a right turn lane just for me. I started up the totally clear turning lane, heading for the light, when it happened. Somebody plowed right into me, trying to cut through that long line of cars to turn in to the Texas Roadhouse. I guess they didn’t see me.

It happened so fast that I had no time to react. The children were crying, my neck and shoulder were hurting from where the seatbelt had caught me and kept me from hurtling violently away, and we were in a snowbank on the side of the road. I wished the car had not hit me.

I tried to open my door, but I couldn’t. My door was no longer functional. I wished my kids were not upset. They were not hurt, but they were scared. I was scared. I couldn’t get out of the car. The milk had flung forward and most likely landed on the bread. Where were the groceries? Where was the other driver? I had to get out of the car. I crawled over the passenger seat and climbed out the door, looking for…I don’t know what. Help? Comfort? Facts? An apology? I got half of those things.

The other car had pulled over now, so I guess their car still worked. A woman was running around outside on her phone, and she told me that she had called someone. Who had she called? The insurance companies? The police? The ambulance? I tried to ask, but she was upset and on the phone, so I waited. I waited until I heard the sirens. Then I spoke to the police and the fire department. They told me to make sure my car was turned off and to stay in the car. I had walked around to assess the damage and, yeah, it was damaged. I got back in the car. I turned the car off. I spoke to the police again. Edward reached forward and turned the car back on, because a good song was on the radio. At least the engine still worked. I turned the car off again. I wished the car was not a mess.

My shoulder was still hurting, so we decided to all go to the hospital to get checked out. My wife had arrived in a neighbor’s car by this time, so she saved the groceries while the three of us got into the ambulance. I did not wish to go to the hospital. Edward was freaking out because he did not want to get “a poke,” so I promised him that I would not let them give him a poke, and then I prayed I could keep my promise.

We’re fine. That’s the good news. I got an X-Ray, and nothing was broken. I saw the other people from the other car there, and I asked them if they were okay. They said they were, and then we left. I called the insurance company to report the incident, which is when I found out that the other people were not insured. This meant that I was responsible for paying my deductible, and my own rental car fees, and then maybe, hopefully, if I go after those people, I would get reimbursed someday. I wish that they had been insured.

Today I am sore, but I am safe. I am trying to find joy. There is a chance that we can get a waiver from the insurance company that would pay for our expenses. We have no car, but we have generous friends with cars. We’re all right. I am trying to accept the situation and move on with life and what I have to do today. But still…I wish.

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  1. That sucks, man! Sorry to hear about the accident but I’m glad everyone walked away from the accident. I’ve been in that situation before with an uninsured driver and it sucks. It really does. But in the big scheme of things, a deductible is way more favorable than how the accident could have turned out.

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