If It Weren’t For Other People

If it weren’t for other people,

– My life would be a lot easier.

– The drive to work would take about a third of the time.

– Most of my problems would disappear.

– I wouldn’t have to deal with so many idiots.

– Things would always be done my way.

– I would always come out on top.

– I would never have to wait in line.

– I could actually get stuff done.

– The only conversations I would have would be with myself.

– Nobody would have ever helped me with anything.

– I could never sing in harmony.

– All of my favorite books, paintings, movies, and music would not exist.

– I would have been homeless on more than one occasion.

– Words with Friends would be pretty boring.

– There would be no roads, or stores, or customers, or audiences.

– I would have never received any encouragement.

– There would be no hands to hold.

– The world would be a very lonely place.

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