Juggling December

As you may recall, I recently whined and complained about the fact that December was the month for both auditions and concerts.  What I failed to mention at that time was the fact that it is also the month for extra things going on at church, as well as make-up voice lessons for students who suddenly realize that the semester is ending and they need to meet with their voice teachers a half a dozen times per day.  I knew about the first two things from my life as a singer, but this has been my first year as a Minister of Magic and Music, and as a college voice professor, and so I had no idea just how much juggling was going to be involved when all four of those massive, schedule-eating black holes collided with each other.

This has never been more apparent to me than in the planning for our Christmas Eve service at church.  This is my first year planning such a thing, and I thought that a month would clearly be enough time.  But I also failed to anticipate a month filled with auditions, concerts, and make-up lessons.  And I also was not aware of people’s general desire to rehearse music many times.  Sometimes I forget that not everyone is a professional musician.  For instance, I scheduled three weeks of rehearsal with the handbells, and then a Christmas Eve performance.  I was informed that three rehearsals are not enough.  Oh dear.  And my poor soloists.  A combination of me not getting my act together, ice storms, sicknesses, and extra rehearsal time needed, has resulted in me wondering what exactly is going to happen at tonight’s service.

But I’m not worried.  It will all work out.  It’s Christmas!  A miracle is on the agenda.  And next year, I’ll totally have this juggling act down.  Probably.  Maybe.  I’ll let you know.

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