Mexican Coke Pong

So last night I went out for a few beers with some folks from the opera. Except there was one problem: I don’t drink. The first question I got was “oh, are you a Mormon?” When I told them that I was not, they struggled to understand why I don’t drink. And my answer (I don’t like it) is generally not satisfying.

I have been drunk before. I have had a casual drink before, but the last drink of alcohol that I had was at my bachelor party, over seven years ago. Usually I either pass out immediately, or else I get really sad and start crying. Neither of these things makes for a fun evening for me.

Also, to me, alcohol tastes a little like poison. I have yet to encounter a drink that does not taste better without the alcohol in it. I can’t count the number if times people have said to me “Here, try this, you can’t even taste the alcohol!”. But then, I think, why not have the drink without the alcohol in it? And the answer is, because the point IS the alcohol, isn’t it?

Today, on a break at rehearsal, we were all discussing beer pong. And I have played beer pong before, I just didn’t drink the beer. My drink of choice is Coca-Cola imported from Mexico (with real sugar, instead of corn sugar). But people who are drinking do not trust people who are not. So can’t we just all not drink once in a while? Tomorrow night, my place, food, fun, and some Mexican Coke Pong!

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