My Skinny Jeans

My wife has advised me to write this blog entry as the rant of a cranky old man, since (she says) that is what I am when it comes to fashion and shopping. Instead, I will just rant as usual and you can decide how old and cranky I am.

The Gap has this new deal where if you bring in any pair of old jeans, you get 30% off of new jeans. As I mentioned previously, my pants are all ripped up, so I decided to try this out.

Now, I generally buy jeans from Costco for $20, but I figured with the discount, I could get a pair of branded jeans for a similar price. How much can jeans cost, right? $30? $40? No! $60! OMG! I could get three pairs of jeans for that price! Even with the discount they were $40! Ugh. I have never paid that much for any piece of clothing, but fine. I am in New York. It’s expensive. Fine.

So I go to look at jeans and find a nice looking pair, and there is a tag on them that says “distressed.” Upon further reading, it says that the jeans are designed to rip and fray. Are you kidding me?! I’m trading in my old jeans BECAUSE they are ripped and frayed, and now you want me to pay three times the price for jeans that you are going to destroy on purpose?! And that’s fashion?! That’s like selling me a microwave with a notice saying it is designed to break in three months! (My wife says it is not like that at all)

But in the end, I was very happy with my purchase, because I fit into a size lower than what I’ve been wearing. I guess I can put up with some shopping to be the size I was in college again, as long as you dang kids stay off my lawn. Although the jeans fit a lot better BEFORE lunch…

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