The Food Trucks of New York – Part 1

This is not a food blog.  Yes, I know there are pictures of food on it, but don’t expect any words like “waft” or “mingled with” or “bouquet” in this blog.  This is a scavenger hunt blog.
A few weeks ago, my wife and I were watching “The Great Food Truck Race,” which was a show in which food trucks were on a race.  It was an okay show, but boy did it make me hungry.  Hungry for food from a truck.
Once I arrived in New York, it occurred to me that they probably have a lot of great food trucks here, so I did a quick search and found several lists, ranking the best food trucks in New York.  I chose this list because it has a lot of pretty pictures on it.  So list on web, web on phone, and phone in hand, I went out one morning looking for rehearsal.  I was seriously not looking for any food trucks.  But I found one!
1) Wafels and Dinges
Luckily it was morning and I was hungry for breakfast, because I walked right by the Wafels and Dinges truck!  And I only recognized it because of the picture!  Lucky me.  I know it sounds like Beavis and Butthead named the truck (shut up, dingus.  heh heh), but man, there is nothing like a hot waffle out of a truck on your way to work.  And if said waffle is smothered in Nutella?  All the better.  As Ruby would say, Yum-a-rum!

So I had accidentally found my first food truck.  So far so good.  I had the waffle with nutella, because that’s what I wanted, but it was also what the list had recommended.  At this point I made a new rule for my scavenger hunt: I would try one of the recommended items from the list at every truck.  But finding these trucks was not as easy as I thought.  A lot of them are only open in the business hour-ish times, and not located near Lincoln Center.  As I am near Lincoln Center every day during those hours, it looked like my chances of finding the trucks were slim.  But then, when Simone dropped me off on the way to Vermont, we stumbled upon another truck!

2) Street Sweets
Once again, I recognized the blue and orange truck from the picture on my list.  So glad I chose the one with the pictures!  If you know my wife, you know she is not a hard sell on either delicious sweets, or random city-wide scavenger hunts, so we ran to the truck and got what the list told us to get: Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.  Now, I know you may not believe this, but these too, were Yum-a-rum!

With two delicious trucks under my belt, I felt empowered to seek out another truck.  As I mentioned earlier,  many of the trucks seemed beyond my reach, but then I found one with TWO locations!  One downtown, but one only 13 blocks from where I was staying!  After rehearsal one evening, I decided to venture north and, lo and behold, just where their website said they would be, sat the third truck.

3) Super Tacos
Now here I faced a dilemma.  The rules demanded that I purchase and consume a Tlacoyo, but that sounded foreign and gastronomically terrifying to me.  I compromised with myself and bought two things.  First the tlacoyo, and second, the spiced beef sandwich, which I thought I would like better.  Boy am I dumb.  I didn’t even finish the sandwich.  I mean, it was good and all, but ZOMG the tlacoyo was like eating pure awesome.  It sure looks like a mess, but oh what a delicious mess it was.

 So I have now found three out of the 25 Best Food Trucks in New York City.  It’s a really fun way to explore a new place, and I have learned to trust the list.  If I can find three more, you’ll read it here first.

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