New Ways to Enjoy Old Things

We unpacked the Wii, as promised, but I warned them that just because we had packed it away for a few years did not mean that it would suddenly start reading discs again. We stopped playing it because of the mounting frustration of inserting a disc and being told that we had not. What was the point? But the children could not bear to part with it, so we put it away like an electronic Walt Disney, waiting for electronic medicine to get to the point where we could unthaw it and play again.

Of course I quickly realized that just because the disc reader was non-functional it didn’t mean that the thing was a brick. We could still download games from the online shop and play them just fine. Everything else was in good working order, as long as no disc was required. But new games are not available. Too much memory needed. So we downloaded Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario Brothers 3. The kids are just as engrossed as I was with these classics.

The other day I was wandering through Best Buy when I saw a copy of Final Fantasy X (and it’s sequel) packaged up for the PS4 for $14.99. I couldn’t resist. I spent many long and enjoyable hours playing through the game back on the PS2, but since the PS4 is not backwards compatible, when I upgraded the system I lost the old familiar games. I was thrilled to be able to pick up an old favorite for a new console.

As I move through life, it occurs to me that what I am often looking for is what I already had. This is why half of our movies are reboots or sequels. This is why we buy Star Wars again, but this time downloaded in high definition, upgraded from Blu-Ray, upgraded from DVD, upgraded from Laser Disc, upgraded from VHS. What we want is the ability to enjoy our old comforts in our current systems. I want progress, but not so much progress that I lose the past. How do we strike that balance?

As I continue the slog of unpacking, trying to figure out how to arrange everything from the old place in the new space, I am finding that some of the past just doesn’t fit in the present. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes it’s a shame. Either way, there sure does seem to be a lot more of the past. I guess maybe the present never stood a chance. If only we could learn from the past, instead of trying to redo it all the time. Maybe in the future…

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