New Ways to Enjoy Old Things

We unpacked the Wii, as promised, but I warned them that just because we had packed it away for a few years did not mean that it would suddenly start reading discs again. We stopped playing it because of the mounting frustration of inserting a disc and being told that we had not. What was […]

An Honest to Goodness Early Morning Miracle

It has happened! It is not a fluke! It has been three days in a row now, and I think it might stick! Parents, you will know of what joy I am speaking. You will feel that moment alongside of me, as all of the pain of the past melts away into a brighter tomorrow. […]

The Lies We Tell Our Children About Adulthood

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Being a grown-up was supposed to be awesome! All of that freedom and power and control. We were going to get to do whatever we wanted! But unfortunately, with great power, comes great responsibility. Having the freedom to make our own decisions comes with the knowledge that our […]

The Future Just Ain’t What it Used to Be

Be Careful What You Blog About… I typed into Facebook on Saturday as I sat in the urgent care clinic waiting for my son to have his head stapled back together. The last post I had written espoused a theory that you should not tell your children about the fun things you had planned ahead […]

Artificial Intelligence is Here, And It’s a Weapon

When hackers released all of Ashley Madison’s data to the public, one of the most interesting takeaways was how few of their users were women. 5% (or possibly fewer) of their accounts were actual female humans looking to have secret sex. On the other hand, plenty of men were chatting with plenty of women on […]

Does it Count as Throwback Thursday if You Use a Time Machine?

“I’m not really me,” she told me as she ran into the house and slammed the door. “I’m hiding from the other me.” Then she ran back outside, only to return a few minutes later, slamming the door again. “Ok, have you seen another one of me around here? I’m trying to stay away from […]

Reporting Live From the Good Old Days

Hello, and good morning. This is Tenor Dad, reporting live from the past. Thanks to your local WFTR (news and weather on the 23s!) station’s new chrono upgrades, I have made it back here to the year 2015, or, as we all know it, the good old days. We were all younger, healthier, had more […]

Note to My Future Self On the Day My Kids Move Out

Hello Future Tenor Dad.  It’s me.  Tenor Dad from the distant past.  I am writing this because you are probably feeling sad and nostalgic today.  Ruby is going off to college.  Or perhaps Edward is finally getting his own apartment.  I’m not there, so I don’t know why you are reading this.  But whatever the […]