Star Wars, Background Sex, and Egg Salad

If you have ever seen the movie “Mystery Men,” you know as well as I do that you cannot leave that movie without wanting an egg salad sandwich. Why? Because in one scene, a character gratuitously makes egg salad while the team plans and discusses. There is no reason for them to make egg salad, […]

New Ways to Enjoy Old Things

We unpacked the Wii, as promised, but I warned them that just because we had packed it away for a few years did not mean that it would suddenly start reading discs again. We stopped playing it because of the mounting frustration of inserting a disc and being told that we had not. What was […]

Dammit Jim, I’m a Storyteller, not a Question Answerer!

I have a problem. I know I have it, and yet I don’t know what to do about it. Because I only realize I am doing it after the fact when it is too late. In the moment, I am providing much-needed clarity. It is only through the powers of Captain Hindsight that I am […]

These Are Not the Answers You’re Looking For

In the midst of our frenetic holiday weekend, after the Walk for Wishes and before the horse racing, we got to hang out and watch a baseball game. Not only was it Make-A-Wish night for those of us who had been walking, but it was also (thanks to two previous rained-out evenings) Star Wars night. […]

Saddle Up! – New Music for Kids on Star Wars Day

Did you know that Star Wars was really just a western set in space? Seriously, the whole thing could have been set in Colorado and it would have worked. Farmhand and grizzled old hermit meet cowboy and go off to fight the government while trying to save the scrappy saloon owner’s daughter? Yeah, it works. […]

Star Wars Vegetables

I wanted to write a post today about something important. Perhaps an insight into parenting, or a brilliant political reflection? But all I can think about are Star Wars Vegetables. This is all the fault of my fellow Dad Blogger who writes over at An Interdisciplinary Life. Apparently he and his son were playing my […]

The Color of Han Solo’s Light Saber

I was alone inside, vacuuming the stairs, when I heard the front door fly open and slam against the wall. Ah. My son was coming inside. He thumped up the stairs very quickly and ran past me, his boots still on and dropping dirt and sticks onto my freshly cleaned carpet, out of sight and […]

Oscar Nominations 2016

Last year, as you may recall, I made a bet with Cave Dane, my brother-in-law who is good at winning, as to which one of us could more accurately predict the best picture nominations prior to the announcement. And obviously, he won. Despite the fact that I host an epic Oscars party every year, and […]

An Apology to Bill Peebles For Being a Little Too Excited About Star Wars

Bill Peebles, as I’m sure you know, is an award-winning* blogger, thinker, philosopher, and all-around insightful and amazing guy. He writes some great stuff over at ihopeiwinatoaster. If you haven’t read any of his achingly beautiful ramblings on life, parenting, and the joy and despair of growing up, do yourself a favor and check it […]