On the Banks of Manhattan

I got paid today! Well, I got a per diem check anyway. This is good, as I only had $7 left, and I’m hungry. I went straight to my trusty Suntrust ATM that I had used last year, so I could deposit my check. But it wasn’t there. I tried to locate an ATM online, but New York isn’t even a choice in the pull down menu! Suntrust has disappeared from New York entirely!

Well, luckily I have an ING account as well, and for months they have been sending me e-mails about their ING cafe in Manhattan, so I thought I would go there. But it is actually just a cafe. There is no banking to be had there at all. I called them, and they explained I could mail a check to them and have the money within a week. But I am hungry now!

The nice ING lady suggested I find a Wal*Mart and cash my check there, but I am allergic to Wal*Mart, so I did what I should have done in the first place. I called my wife. I have very rarely had any sort of problem that she can’t fix within 90 seconds, and this was no different.

You see, there are no Suntrusts in Vermont. And there are no bank-themed pastry areas in Vermont. So we were going to have to find a new bank anyway. There is one bank that is heavily prevalent in both Vermont and Manhattan, and that is TD bank. I had actually never heard of them until today, but they were very helpful. Within minutes I had a new account, my check cashed, and money in my pocket. So why am I still blogging? It’s dinner time!

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