The Magical Perfect Hour of 10 AM

You don’t need to be a stay-at-home dad to know this. You don’t have to be retired. All you have to do is take a sick day, or a mental health day, and you will at once discover that there is no more perfect hour than 10 AM. It is, unquestionably and without condition, the perfect time. For everything.

I went to the gym, as you can see from the above picture. Sometimes when I go to the gym there is a wait for equipment. But not at 10 AM. At 10 AM, people who need to go to work are already there and people who want to pop out for an early lunch have not yet popped. The world is quiet and calm. There are no lines. There is no waiting. The planet is yours at 10 AM. Need to run to the DMV? Go at 10 AM. Need to make an appointment at the hospital and want a parking spot right near the door? Go at 10 AM. Want grocery store aisles free from crowded carts, and check-out lanes waiting dormant for your arrival? Go at 10 AM.

There are other times when places are not crowded of course, but these other times are for sleeping. 5 AM is not the perfect time to do anything, even though nobody is around, because at 5 AM you are asleep, and it is hard to do much while you are asleep. You could go out at 10 PM and get things done, but many stores are not open at 10 PM like they should be. No, you need to go at 10 AM.

At 10 in the morning, you are finally awake. The kids are at school, you have had time to shower and eat something, and you are finally ready to face the day. An appointment at 9 AM will cause you to feel rushed after the kids start school at 8:08. There just isn’t the time. But an appointment at 10 AM? Awwwww yeah, it’s business time. All meetings are scheduled at 10 AM, because it is the best time to do anything.

By 10 AM people are at work, but they are starting to get antsy. They have been there for an hour or two, and they want to check their Facebook pages. If you are writing a blog post about music and/or parenting, you should publish it at 10 AM. Unless you forgot to write it, in which case you should write it at 10 AM and publish it later. Whatever. I don’t care what you do. I’m not your dad. But whatever it is, you should do it at 10 AM. Seriously, just try it. It’s amazing.

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