Things, and Where I Find Them

One of the problems with having children is that they are always putting stuff where it does not belong.  I’m not just talking about dumping out four large bins of toys all over the living room floor, although, saints preserve us, they do that too.  I’m not even talking about all the times they leave dirty dishes on the counter instead of putting them in the sink, or throwing their dirty clothes onto my bedroom floor because it is one inch closer to their room than the laundry basket.  No, I’m talking about the times that I open up a cabinet or a closet and find something there that is both startling and infuriating.  For example:

Why on Earth is this lizard in the refrigerator?  Is it hungry?  I would have thought that, being cold blooded, it would prefer a warmer area of the house, although I suppose that being made out of rubber does tend to insulate a body.  But it was certainly a shock to reach for the milk and see this little guy sitting there.

And for that matter, why is Bear in the cabinet sitting in my pots?  He is a very naughty bear, and he has been known to move about on his own and do mysterious things, but I do wish that he would not put his dirty bear bum onto my clean dishes!

Speaking of pots, I had one out on the stove to use for dinner, and when I came back to it after leaving it for a short while, I discovered that it had a motorcycle in it.  I assume that this is the work of my son, and that he really wanted motorcycle soup for dinner, but we had that twice last week so I made pasta instead.

How the Wii-mote got upstairs and onto the bathroom sink from its home downstairs by the television is beyond me.  I didn’t put it there.  I do see that it is in close proximity to those two ducks (one dressed as a rabbit and the other as a frog), so maybe they brought it up to try to play some Wii games.  Silly ducks.

And finally, who put those children in there?  That’s not where they go!  This is all very upsetting.

As a final note, I would like to tell you that every one of these pictures was taken yesterday.  On other days I find things in even weirder places.  This is just one day’s worth of me going around the house trying to put everything back where it goes.  Although maybe if I do start keeping the children in the cupboards, that job will get a lot easier…

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