This Year I’m Giving Up Being Fat and Lazy

There was a slightly awkward silence in the room as we all tried to fill it with mumbles and smiles and half-sentences. “I’m not saying that you have to do anything!” Rev. Dark Murmurs insisted, “I was just wondering if you were doing anything for Lent this year.” It seemed as though no one in the room, myself included, was going to be going on a journey of spiritual discipline this year.

I have done things for Lent in the past. I have given up soda. I have given up sugar. I have pledged to write every day. But this year? Well, I’m busy this year. Huh. Yeah, that sounds like a terrible excuse. But the question is, do I take something I love away from myself, or add something new to my life that I hate? And luckily, in one fell swoop, I can do both!

This year, I am going to go workout at the gym every single day for at least 30 minutes. And if the end of the day comes and I haven’t been, I will grab the dog and go for a 30 minute walk before bed. This is good because I hate working out. I hate how I feel during the exercise, I hate how I feel afterward, and I hate how I feel the next day. I went to the gym 3-4 times a week for months, waiting for that “extra energy” and “good feeling” that everyone talks about, and it never came. I just felt tired and miserable, so I stopped exercising and felt much better.

Do you know what I love? Not exercising. Oh, how I love not exercising! I love to sit at the computer. I love to play computer games. I love to write on the computer. I love to connect with friends online. I love social media. I love to compose music on the computer. Do you see what all these things have in common? If I had my way, I would never leave this chair. And I am going to take some of that away for the next 40 days. I am going to give up being fat and lazy.

I’d love to write more to you, but today is Ash Wednesday and Lent has already started. I can’t sit here anymore. I need to go to work, and I need to teach voice lessons, and in between all of that, instead of sitting here typing and editing, I need to be at the gym. Ugh. Sounds miserable. Can’t wait!

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