Top Opera Names For Other Pets

I recently re-posted my “Top Opera Names For Pets” on Facebook, and it was pointed out to me that I left out some important pet-type animals from my list.  Sorry.  Let me fix that for you right now.  And if I still missed your personal best creature friend, please fill out the requisite forms and send them in to the Tenor Dad offices.

Opera Names For Horses
Tales of Horsemann
Filly du regiment
Reneigh Fleming

Opera Names For Rabbits
Cottontailia Rusticana
Bunny Schicchi
Bunn Terfel

Opera Names For Snakes
La Gianaconda
The Snake’s Progress
Slitherly Sills
La Scale-a
Don Giovenom
Hissy Björling

Opera Names For Ferrets
Ferreterica von Stade
Die Zauberferret
Shirley Ferrett

Opera Names For Guinea Pigs
Guin-I Pigliacci
Guineontyne Price

Opera Names For Chinchillas
La Chinchillarentola
Chinchilia Bartoli

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