Teaching High School is a Lot Like Watching a Sitcom

I was trying to explain to my wife why I was cracking up during the serious parts of the musical that we were watching last weekend. We sat in the audience with the other families, friends, co-workers, strangers, and community members enjoying an excellent performance of the musical “Big Fish.” The cast was populated by […]

One Theory on Why Oscars Viewership Was Down

President Garfield said today that the number of viewers for this past weekend’s Academy Awards was down, and that it was because of him. And isn’t everything about him? Besides being orange and mean, President Garfield is very intuitive. He has the best intuits. He is basically a huge tuit-head. But I have another theory. […]

Who Wants to Be a Part of a New PBS Kids Show?!

A moment of bloggy privilege if you will. Remember Mr. Chris? I told you about his album a while back, and how good it is. I got to hang out with the Okee Dokee Brothers at his farm because he is committed to bringing quality children’s music to Vermont. I also worked with him cooking […]

Throw-It-Back Thursday: Some Things Don’t Age Well

Sound the trumpets! Alert the Media! Throwback Thursday has returned! Today is the day (it only comes around once every seven!) on which we take the time to remember how wonderful things used to be, and how great everything was. You know. Back when everything was good. Of course sometimes we are wrong about that. Did you know that […]

The Dream, and Where it Came From

I was living in a very large, very old, quirky sort of a country house out in the middle of nowhere. I am currently reading “The Indian in the Cupboard” series to my daughter, and we just started book 4 last night, in which they move out to the country, and the house I imagined […]

The Pros and Cons of a New Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Spin-off

It was just leaked/announced that Marvel is developing a spin-off show from its popular hit “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” This is exciting news for me, because I love that show and all things Marvel. It is also exciting because the last spin-off they did, “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” was so ridiculously awesome. Seriously. If you did not […]

The Missing SNL Song

Like the rest of the country, according to the ratings anyway, I spent my Sunday night watching the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary special. Like any episode of SNL, it had its ups and downs, but overall I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane, with classic sketches, characters, and catch-phrases popping up almost faster […]

How to Pick the Shows Your Kids Watch

So it’s finally happened. You’ve had children and now they want to watch television. But what to watch?! There are so many kids’ shows out there these days, and if you go in blind you might accidentally end up watching (shudder) Caillou. No, this is your first chance to guide your children’s pop culture preferences, […]

50 Things Only 10-sies Kids Can Understand

Signs that you were raised in the greatest generation, with a childhood from 2010-2019! Suck it, children of the 20’s! 1) That Sofia the First  had the best theme song of all time (sorry, Doc McStuffins)! 2) Frozen is the greatest movie in the history of cinema. 3) Marvel only came out with two or three movies a […]

Jokes Are Funnier the First Time

Last night, after devouring the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finale, I decided to check out a new show on Fox called “Riot.”  Riot is an improv comedy show, which I can only describe as “Whose Line Is It Anyway” meets “Wipeout,” where participants are playing improv games while also sliding around, flying through the air, and […]