We Like to Potty (We Like, We Like to Potty)

Friends!  I bring you tidings of great joy!  For behold, Edward has pooped in the potty!  I wasn’t there for it; I was at work, so everything you are about to hear is completely second-hand, but I’m pretty sure I have the right of it.

Well, okay, I was there for the very beginning of it.  Sunday, just two short days ago, I pulled out the potty seat and the potty chair.  Edward had been grabbing his diaper lately, even when it was empty, as if he was aware that something was about to happen down there.  He had also become very interested in the toilet and what sort of thing goes on in that area.  These are two classic signs that it’s time to start thinking about potty training, so I thought, what the heck, I’ll get the stuff ready for when he’s ready.

Then, last night, a mere one day after we pulled out the potty training supplies, a miracle happened.  Edward potty trained himself.  He stood up, grabbed his behind and said “Uh-Oh!”  My wife, thinking that it was now time for a diaper change, told him to go to his changing table, but he instead ran to the bathroom.

He pointed at the bathroom and it made it very clear that this was where he wanted to go.  My wife brought him in, took off his clean diaper, and sat him up on the potty.  He thought that this was great fun, laughing and giggling and having a wonderful time.  Ruby came in to offer him words of encouragement (“No, Edward, you’re doing it wrong!”) and after a few minutes, everyone was shocked to hear the splash.  TOUCHDOWN!

Edward could not have been more pleased with himself, cackling with pride, and his mother and I could not be more excited for this step on the road to a diaper-free house.  And the best part is, we didn’t have to do anything!  And I don’t think it was a one time fluke either, as he has already practiced sitting on the potty twice this morning so far.  He is super into it.  Now if we can just get the pee into the potty as well, we’ll be all set.  Next up: aiming lessons!

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