13 Rules For Writing a Good List

As you all know, lists are the most popular type of post on the internet. People know what they are getting before they click, and approximately how much time it will take them to read. Lists are king. But perhaps you do not know how to write a good listicle? No problem. As an experienced list maker, I can offer you these handy tips.

  1. The list should be numbered
  2. The list should start with 1 and go up.
  3. Unless the list is a countdown, in which case 1 should be the final entry.
  4. The list should have an odd number of entries. Even lists are known to be lame.
  5. If the number of entries is a prime number, that’s even better. Makes it more mysterious.
  6. Group things together in a sub-list if appropriate
    1. Marginally related items
    2. Supporting data
    3. Whatever else you want – it’s your list
  7. Never pad the list by adding filler.
  8. Don’t list the same item twice. People will notice.
  9. Make sure the list has an interesting title, like “The 23 Sexiest Exploding Cheeseburgers.”
  10. Make sure the list isn’t too long. Nobody cares enough to read 50 things.
  11. Don’t list the same item twice. People will notice.
  12. Make sure the list isn’t too short. 2 things isn’t really much of a list.
  13. Always start and end the list with your best items.
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