20 Things the Internet Taught Me About Parenting

Man, people back in the old days must have been confused all of the time.  How would anyone know how to raise children if it weren’t for all of the research and time-tested opinions that are currently available to everyone with online access?  Babies do not come with instruction manuals, but then they don’t really need to.  Everything I know about parenting I learned from the internet.  For instance, I learned that:

1) Mothers should stay home with their kids

2) Mothers should have full time jobs

3) Fathers should stay home with their kids

4) Fathers should have full time jobs

5) Children should be vaccinated

6) Vaccinating children is a huge scam

7) You should not spank your children

8) You should not give your children time-outs

9) You should not punish your children

10) Children need more discipline

11) Video games are bad for kids

12) Video games are good for kids

13) Kids need to get out and do more things

14) Kids are doing too many activities

15) Superheroes are bad for kids

16) Kids need superheroes

17) Don’t let your kids eat junk food

18) Don’t let your kids eat meat

19) Don’t let your kids eat gluten

20) Don’t obsess over what your kids eat

So now I know everything there is to know about parenting, thanks to the internet, and I can safely raise my children with the knowledge that I am doing everything right, and not screwing it all up like every parent prior to 1995.

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