A Perfect Little Gentleman

So we were at the car place again yesterday, dropping the car off for further fixing, feeling frankly frustrated that this whole thing is not yet behind us.  They swear to us that it will be fully functional, following final fixes, but I remain mildly unconvinced.  The point is, they have our car again, so we needed another rental.

We had coordinated with the rental folks and they were to meet us at the specified time at the autobody place with our car.  This they did, but somehow forgot the paperwork that we needed to sign and initial 23 times before we could take said car, so a second rental car employee had to head over to meet us.  Now, all of the employees at the rental car place, that I have seen so far anyway (and I have been there many times over the past month), are attractive young women, but this one in particular must have caught Edward’s eye, because as soon as she pulled up to the building, that sly little two-year-old of mine went right to work.

First he ran over and held the door open for her, which caused her to coo and smile and say things like “Isn’t he the cutest thing?!”  And of course he is, and he knows it too.  As she brought the paperwork over to me, still awwwwing over how cute my son was being, he made his next move.

“Hello!” he said to her from across the room.

“Is he talking to me?” the young woman asked to the air.  “How precious!  Hello!” she called back.

“You want some water?” he asked her, running over to the water cooler.

“Awwww, no thanks honey,” she told him.

“I get you some water!” he insisted, grabbing a cup from the tube attached to the cooler.

“No, I’m not thirsty right now,” she protested.

“You put this in you mouth!” he demanded, having filled the plastic cup half full of water.

“Awwwwwww!” she cooed again, taking the cup from him as he stood there giving her the flirty eyes.

Now, I was not going to burst her bubble, or cramp his style, by telling her that he had been opening the door and filling cups with water since we had arrived there 15 minutes earlier, and that it had taken me that long to finally get him to leave the water alone and sit quietly without holding the door open.  She didn’t need to know all of that.

“He’s so cute!” she told me as she left to return to the rental car place.  “A perfect little gentleman!”

“He certainly is,” I responded, as Edward stood there with a goofy grin on his face.

And so his naughtiness was put to good use, which I suppose is no surprise.  They always fall for the bad boys.

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