An Open Letter to DirecTV

Dear DirecTV,

How are you? It seems like forever since we’ve spoken. Simone and the kids are doing well. Edward is taking little steps and will be walking all over the place before we know it, and we are looking for pre-schools for Ruby in the fall.

Anyway, enough with the pleasantries, you loathesome sons of jackals. I am writing this to you because all other methods of communications have failed. You may recall that we subscribed to your service while in Baltimore. We had a dvr, and paid you, with taxes and fees, around $80 a month. When we moved to Vermont, we decided to continue with you, and you offered, for no fee, to upgrade our dvr to an HD dvr, and we would pay an undisclosed monthly HD fee. Imagine my surprise when my monthly bill jumped to $212!

I tried to look at my statements, to see what was going on, but was unable to do so, because my statements were linked to a Bank of America account that I had closed 4 years ago. Your phone people told me there was nothing they could do, and that only BoA could release my DirecTV statements. But BoA was not helpful, as I do not have an account with them, and for some weird reason do not have all my DirecTV statements. Also, by this time my bill was overdue, and I could not access my account online, so I paid it.

I finally spoke to a supervisor of a supervisor, and was able to see my bill. It looks as though you are charging me for TWO dvrs, and when the guy came to install ours, he tried to install two, and I told him we only had one TV, so he took the other one back. This seems like a simple clerical error.

Here is where I grew to hate you. My bill is a few days past due again. My $212 bill, which I am not going to pay. In fact, I think you owe ME money. But when I called your number, your phone system knew it was me from my phone number, and would not let me speak to anyone. I got the cheerful message “Our customer service agents would be happy to assist you with all your customer service needs, just as soon as you pay your bill in full. Would you like to pay by credit card, or checking account?”. I also cannot get through on your website, for similar reasons. Come on dudes, this us the kind of shenanigans I would expect from Comcast!

So the ball is in your court DirecTV. I am sitting here waiting for you to contact me. Just let me know that you are alive, and that you still care. And if it even matters to you anymore, Comcast will be here on Monday.

Love, Tenor Dad

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  1. Wow! This is definitely a lot of concerns that you are addressing and I can relate to where you are coming from. I’ve had a ton of bad customer service in my day, but I’d like to offer you a different solution. Instead of writing letters to DTV, you should check into DISH Network. DISH offers it’s customers a ton of value for their money and you could save hundreds of dollars by switching. DISH Network has many services such as the TV Everywhere feature that allows customers to watch live and pre-recorded shows on the go. People can download the DISH Remote Access app and connect their Sling Adapter up to their DVR to enjoy this service. The adapter is normally $99, but with a special promotion from DISH Network, people can get it for free by going here I actually work at DISH Network and I also have the service and I’m being honest when I say this, it’s the best provider I’ve ever had!


  2. As a consultant who works in the field of call center based CRM, I have to say that it is one of the worst examples I have ever heard of. A customer center that won’t talk to a client because it assumes that in any billing dispute it is always in the right. Really Really dreadful service – and a company to steer clear of.

  3. Ughhh this sounds dreadful. DEAR DIRECT TV, this blog gets a lot of traffic… clean up your act before I write about you in a National newspaper!

  4. Tenor Dad-

    This sounds worse than all my ComcASStic service stories. But I’m not sure it’s worth turning to the evil empire. Perhaps investigate the above suggestion of Dish Network first.

    Who knew DTV stood for DouchebagTV?

  5. We actually switched to comcast from DirecTv because of them messing up on our bills and not getting anywhere with their customer service. We have had comcast for over a year now and LOVE THEM!

  6. Hey, Tenor Dad; I saw your blog and looked around and I think it’s great. I’m a tenor and a dad too but I don’t sing any more. I admire you for continuing to keep at it; I didn’t have the tenacity. (Pun intended). I have had a similar problem with not getting my bill because I signed up with an electronic billing service and then forgot my password and could not get in to view it. Now I can get in but I can’t figure out how to cancel it to get a paper statement from the electric company.

    Enough of that though, because I found your blog “by accident” like some of your other articles say people have said. I was looking for ways to save on my TV bill because I was concerned that I was paying too much for my fees and perhaps another company could save me money. I found a blog called before yours and I was surprised to find out someone else had done the research and showed me that I was already paying the least for fees with my DISH Network employee account compared to companies like DirecTV. My dual tuner receiver that gives me service in two rooms and no receiver fee for the first saves me the most right there.

    I wish your problem were easier to solve but I can always get to an agent with DISH 24/7 365 days a year even if my service is shut off. (not that I would admit that has ever happened).

  7. Thank you Bryon for your post it helped a lot and I just wanted to add that new DISH customers can get 3 months free Blockbuster by mail offers and if you want to have TV everywhere they have you covered as well. Working for DISH I can tell you we offer HD free for life and the most HD channels in the industry! Check this out

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