Bear in a Squirrel Costume

Hello. If you are a bear, like me, you are probably wondering what to where four Halloween this shear. Well, you should try too go as something that matches yore person’s costume. My person, Ruby, is going to be a tree this time, so I am going to be a squirrel. ¬†This is a picture of me in Halloween mode.


Now two be a squirrel, you kneed a grey head. I half a brown head. This is not good. So I got a gray baby hat. Now I look like eye half a squirrel head. Pretty good, right?


Then you need a squirrel body. Ruby got me sum potholders that make me look like a squirrel, and I pinned them together. Now I look very close too a squirrel.


Finally I half to half a squirrel tail. I got another potholder, and stuffed it full of Edward’s shorts. Now it is bushy and puffy like a squirrel tale. I bet if you saw me on the street you wood not even no I was a bear!


Butt wait! How can I fit into a hole in Ruby’s tree? Well, I figured it out. I got some tree-disguise tape from Lightbulb Land (that is ware I am from) and I taped it all a round a box, so now the box looks like it is a disguised tree. Then, when Ruby puts her costume on, I will tape myself too her, and we can go trick-or-treating together! Hooray!


So if you want to dress up like a squirrel like me, just do the stuff I did and it will work. But if your person is knot bean a tree, you should probably be something different. And don’t steel my idea! Okay. That is all. Good buy.

Love, Bear

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