Broadway Reviews

Here are my personal reviews of all the shows currently running on Broadway:

A Little Night Music – Haven’t seen it.

The Addams Family – Haven’t seen it, but I sure hope it has at least one MC Hammer song in it.

American Idiot – Haven’t seen it, but my friend Katie saw it and said it was not very good, so I guess, depending on whether or not you trust Katie, you can, well, just make up your own mind.

Billy Elliot – Haven’t seen it, but I did see the movie, which I hated.  I couldn’t understand anything they were saying until about 2/3 of the way through, but mostly it was boring dancing.  I would assume the musical is similar, but maybe easier to understand?

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson – Haven’t seen it.

Brief Encounter – Haven’t seen it.

Chicago – Haven’t seen it, but I did see the movie, AND I saw the stage production in DC about 43,000 years ago, and it was pretty good, so this one is a good bet!

Driving Miss Daisy – Haven’t seen it, nor have I seen the movie.  This one’s a rental.

Fela! – Haven’t seen it, but someone from the A Quiet Place cast went and said it was incredible, but if you look up the actual definition of incredible, that could go either way.

In the Heights – Haven’t seen it.

Jersey Boys – Haven’t seen it, but I have the soundtrack on my iPod.  I do love oldies.  (Don’t tell my parents that they are oldies)

La Bete – Haven’t seen it.

La Cage Aux Folles – Haven’t seen it, but I saw the movie The Birdcage which was really funny.  Hey, wait a minute!  Why are all these shows based on movies?  Hmmmm…..

The Lion King – I rest my case.

Lombardi – Haven’t seen it.

Mamma Mia! – Haven’t seen it, although I have seen both the movie and the stage show in DC, so I probably could say I have seen it and not be lying too much.  So let’s just say that I’ve seen it.  Here is my review: When the best part of the show is the dance party megamix at the end, your show may have a problem.

Mary Poppins – Stop it movies!

Memphis – Haven’t seen it, but at least it is not based on a movie.

The Merchant of Venice – Haven’t seen it.  Who wrote it?

Million Dollar Quartet – Haven’t seen it.

Mrs. Warren’s Profession – Haven’t seen it, but it sounds dirty.  Two thumbs up.

Next to Normal – Haven’t seen it.

The Phantom of the Opera – Haven’t seen it, but I saw the show in Baltimore a few years ago, and the Phantom seemed kind of wussy.  Hopefully this one has a manlier Phantom.

The Pitmen Painters – Haven’t seen it.

Promises, Promises – Haven’t seen it.

Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles – Haven’t seen it.  Why is it called rain?  Did the Beatles write a lot of songs about the rain?  It should be called Reign.

Rock of Ages – Haven’t seen it, but a bunch of people told me it was awesome.

The Scottsboro Boys – Haven’t seen it.

Time Stands Still – Haven’t seen it.

West Side Story – Haven’t seen it, but again, I saw the movie.  Can we stop making shows based on movies please!  Wait, the what came first?  What?  Well can we stop making movies based on shows then!?  Actually, I like movies based on shows.  Ok, carry on.

Wicked – At last!  I show on Broadway that I actually saw on Broadway!  Who cares that none of the same people are in it anymore and that I saw it 6 years ago?!  I saw it, and here is my review!  It was awesome!  I had gotten the soundtrack first, but didn’t really get into it until I saw the show.  After the show I was playing the soundtrack non-stop all the way back home and man, when she comes flying out on her broomstick – magical awesomeness!  I highly recommend this show to anyone who likes things that are awesome!  Phew!

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown – Haven’t seen it.

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