I Thought Kids Were Supposed to Want Parents to STOP Posting Things About Them…

Hello readers. I know we haven’t been in touch much lately, but it’s been a heck of a few months, hasn’t it? I was pretty much ready to quit the internet entirely. And even now I still think this whole world wide web thing may be more trouble than it’s worth. But then a funny thing happened. My children, who I assumed would at some point (probably soon) want me to stop posting stories about them online, started asking me to put more things about them online. To them, this blog and my Facebook page are living time capsules that capture all of the important (and more importantly, funny!) moments in our lives. And as I look back on the past two months I see that I am missing most of them.

It has become almost a daily habit now for my children to ask me what funny things were said and done in years past, as we together check the memories that Facebook provides us. They love to see and hear what their younger selves were up to, and when someone does or says something memorable they ask to me to put it online. But next year when we check in in November and December, there will be nothing there. Not from this year anyway.

There are other ways to keep track of memories, of course. Just remembering them is a terrible way, since brains are very bad at keeping memories straight, but there are scrapbooks, photo albums, journals, memory boxes, books, and so many ways to keep track of things offline. But my children live in a digital world. They want it online. And so how do I continue what I was doing before, without subjecting myself to the unhealthier aspects of social media?

Look, I could just sign on, post things, and then sign off, but that doesn’t feel very social to me. That feels like cheating. How could I expect you to hear what I have to say when I won’t listen to anything coming from your end? That’s not relationship. That’s not community. That’s selfish, and not what I want to be doing. On the other hand, I seriously can’t take one more Carrie Fisher tribute, or Trump cabinet appointment announcement. Not because I don’t care, but because it breaks my heart. It’s too much. And it’s too easy to get sucked back in.

Maybe I will write more here, but Facebook less. Maybe I will do both in a medium-sized way. Maybe I will move into a cabin in the mountains and never touch the internet again. Or maybe I will fall off the wagon and social media myself into an early grave. Who knows. But I’m going to try. I’m going to be careful, and intentional. I’m going to write more, and even read a little. I’m going to try to keep on doing what I do. And if you stick around, you might even hear about some of it.

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