The Best Experience a Dad Blogger Can Have

Some days I write for myself, just to get something out of my system. Like yesterday. Other days I write for you. Yes, you. I write something that I hope you will enjoy. I hope you will laugh, reflect, learn, or smile. Like the day before yesterday. But honestly, I write a lot of these posts to leave a piece of myself behind for my children. What I wouldn’t give for one day to hang out with my parents before I was born, or even just after. To ask them questions, find out their thoughts, unfiltered by the distortion of years…

Obviously I can’t do that, and my kids will never be able to do that either. They will never experience me as I am now, except as children looking to a father. Their adult selves will have to deal with old me. Yikes. But what they can do is to read. They can catch, if not the full picture, at least a glimpse of who I am as the father of young them. I have been told that what I post here is fairly accurate to how I present myself in real life. This is not something false I am showing to you all. This is me.

Today, Ruby spent some time with some of my old blog posts. She had to ask me what a few of the words meant. I had to admit that I made a few of them up. But she laughed and laughed, eager to devour more information on what I thought about daily life with her as a 3 and 4-year-old. It is exactly what I hope she will do in the future with the things that I am writing now. Hearing her read my words out loud as she smiles and giggles makes me realize that now, almost five years into this crazy writing adventure, it has all been worth it. So I guess I’ll see you next week. Thanks for being here.

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