What to Do With Your Empty Boxes After You Move

Well, we’re moved in. We’re even mostly unpacked! So then why does it look so terrible around here?! Why does it still feel like moving day?! Could it be the piles and stacks of empty boxes that seem to be hanging around like an unwanted houseguest? I think that may be it. So we need […]

Only Kitten Pictures From Now On

We have a new family member. His name is Tiger Scratchy. Ruby named him Tiger, because he is orange, and Edward named him scratchy, because he scratched Edward. He is 10 weeks old and he lives with us now. This is excellent news because, as you know, with access to a kitten I can now […]

Seven Interesting Things to Do With Leftover Turkey

Whelp, Thanksgiving has come and gone here in America.  We have all gained ten pounds, and the Earth is starting to sag ever so slightly in our direction, due to the increasing weight of Americans.  But now that it is Friday, what are we supposed to do with all of these meaty turkey carcasses that […]

I Traded My Cats For a Puppy

We got JJ ten years ago, because a neighbor of a friend was getting a new boyfriend who didn’t like cats, and so JJ needed a new home.  Things were going well, except that my wife and I both worked in the city and were gone most of the day, and we felt that he was […]

I’ll Fix It By Making It Worse!

When you think about it, I am a lot like Santa Claus.  I live up north with my wife and we have small helpers that are obsessed with toys.  But unlike ol’ St. Nick, our helpers do not actually fix things or make them better.  Especially the three year old helper.  He likes to fix […]

Cat Burglars

My cats are currently forbidden to go outside, due to the communal laws of the co-op in which we live, and this makes them very angry.  You see, they used to be able to go outside whenever they wanted, which was certainly nice for them, but not always nice for us. When we lived in […]

Why My Cats Are Wet and Sad

Yesterday, we found a flea in our house.  One little pestilent bug, sitting there like a dark omen, waiting to bite our ankles.  Well, let me tell you, I was not waiting around to find a second flea.  I went all scorched Earth on that sucker.  You can’t give these things any leeway in the […]

Random Thoughts From an ADDled Mind

1) You can tell how much I have listened to a song by how well I can sing the instrumental break. 2) People who are clamoring for a “dislike” button on Facebook are greatly overestimating how much people enjoy everything they themselves are posting. 3) Causing the ten cars behind you to slam on their […]

Pillow Cat Fight

Me: “Edward, what are you doing?” Edward: “I don’t know…” Me: “Don’t throw pillows at the cat.  Mousey doesn’t like that.” Edward: “Why she no like that?” Me: “Because it hurts her to get hit with a pillow.” Edward: “But we’re having a pillow fight!” Me: “You can’t have a pillow fight with a cat.” […]


The hour is early.  The first rays of the sun are just starting to peek over the peaks of the green mountains to the east.  The world is peaceful.  Suddenly, and without warning, that tranquility is shattered by the sound of impending doom and destruction.  Having slept only 18 of the past 24 hours I […]