Pillow Cat Fight

Me: “Edward, what are you doing?”

Edward: “I don’t know…”

Me: “Don’t throw pillows at the cat.  Mousey doesn’t like that.”

Edward: “Why she no like that?”

Me: “Because it hurts her to get hit with a pillow.”

Edward: “But we’re having a pillow fight!”

Me: “You can’t have a pillow fight with a cat.”

Edward: “Why I cannot have pillow fight with a cat?”

Me: “Because cats do not have hands and cannot hold pillows.”

Edward: “Cats not have hands?”

Me: “No.  They have paws, and they cannot hold onto pillows.  You can’t have a pillow fight with someone who cannot hold a pillow.  Then you are just hitting them with a pillow, and that’s not nice.”

Edward: “Cats cannot have a pillow fight?”

Me: “No.  So please stop hitting Mousey with the pillow.”

Edward: “Okay…..I will not hit Mousey with the pillow.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Edward: “I will hit JJ!  AAAAHHHHHHHH!”

Me: “Stop!  Come back!  JJ is also a cat!”

Edward: “Pillow fight!”




Anybody want to buy a used cat?

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