The World According to Edward

The Worst Words According to Edward, who is 6, there are four really bad words that you should never, ever say. And of course he says them as often as he thinks no one is listening. And what are the four worst words in the English language? They are as follows: Fock Shutup Coddammit Stupid I […]

What I Said to the Woman Who Scolded My Son at the Hospital

We had been there in the basement of the hospital for hours. It was supposed to be a routine blood draw, which we have had done dozens of times before, but for some reason the orders were not in the system this time. In fact, despite the fact that we had been in for a […]

The Only People Worse Than Morning People

I am not a morning person. You know this. You know that I am unable to function before 10 am, no matter what time I get up. And you probably already know that morning people are the absolute worst. Their chipper smiles and happy greetings seem to mock your pain as they move about the […]

Betrayed By My Body

Look body, we had a deal. I leave you alone, and you leave me alone. My soul was never thrilled about being tethered to this mortal plane to begin with, and there is no reason for either of us to make things difficult. And we never seemed to have an issue in the past, so […]

Who Should You Blame When Your DNA is Faulty?

It is not an easy thing, getting genetic testing done on your DNA. For one thing it is very expensive, and insurance companies don’t always like to pay for it. And by “very expensive” I mean “more than I have made in the past decade.” So you don’t want to just have it done without […]

Children and Hospitals; Dogs and Vets – Using The Same Tricks

The trick to getting dogs and children into the car for their medical appointments is to not let them know where you are going. This method is surprisingly effective for both groups of small creatures, although you will have to vary your deceit from time to time to prevent them from figuring out your devious […]

You Never Get a Good Prognosis From Dr. Internet

[rafflecopter ]This is just a quick reminder that, when you are having a health issue and are unsure of what might be going on, you should never seek the advice of that nefarious quack, Dr. Internet.  Yes, he has a diagnosis for you, but trust me, you do not want to go down that rabbit […]

I Am a Special Needs Parent

I am not a special needs parent. That sounds ridiculous. Who says that? Who would ever want to be that? Doesn’t everyone’s child have their own special needs anyway? I mean mostly they are the same, but they’re all different too. And tons of kids have worse problems than mine! I just want my child […]

Vaccines Linked to Deaths in Alarming New Study!

For those of you considering the question of whether or not to vaccinate your children, a shocking new study has concluded that every single person who has received a vaccination of any kind has either died, or is expected to die at some point in the next century.  If you or your children have been vaccinated […]

Medicine Sandwich

I know that I said I wasn’t going to post about my son’s health issues anymore, and I’m not.  But I cannot give you an honest depiction of my ongoing situation without at least referencing how our continuing family struggles are affecting me. the way I parent, and the way I live my life.  For […]