Why I Would Not Attend My Child’s Same-Sex Wedding

Marriage is a funny word. It means one thing to the church, and another thing to the state. It can mean vastly different things, even to different sets of people who are themselves married. Quite literally it means joining two things together, but the debate continues to rage on as to what restrictions ought to […]

The Bible Is Not Against Gay Marriage, and Here’s Proof

Hi everyone! I’ve apparently decided that I no longer want anyone to like me, so here come all of my thoughts and opinions, as a Christian, on why I changed my Facebook profile picture to a rainbow the other day. I’m sure to anger non-Christians, who don’t believe that a millennia-old book should be dictating […]

The Benefits of Not Having a Wife

We’re home. My wife is finished with grad school (at least the being away from home part of it), and we are all reunited for the foreseeable future. It has been a long several weeks, and I have tried to stay positive as always, even without the love of my life around. In case you, […]

Love and Marriage (and Sex)

Something has gone wrong with my awesome parenting. I think I have screwed up “the talk.” I have explained to my daughter how babies are made, and I think she understands the engineering part of it all, but somewhere along the line her glossary got a bit jumbled. I realized this a week or so ago, […]

An Apology to My Wife For Something That Wasn’t My Fault

Some would say a Supermom is one who always stays at home Lunch maker and bedtime queen, or Homework helper. Bedroom cleaner. Never leaving them alone. Playdate hostess. Chaperone. Ever watching, ever there How else would they know you care? Others say that what you need is just to model and succeed. Big career and big […]

Sorry, I Have a Nervous Breakdown Scheduled at that Time

Okay, I’ll admit it.  It’s wearing me down.  This single parenting thing.  And I don’t even know what it is about it!  My wife is home on weekends, and the kids have, so far anyway, been in school during the daytimes.  The amount of time that I have to be “on” is not all that […]

Arbortrek Canopy Zipline Tour

In case you somehow missed it, last Friday was my 10th wedding anniversary.  Yes, yes, please hold your applause to the end.  As I was informed by a friend involved in a 49 year marriage (and counting), we are still newlyweds.  But still, a decade of loooooove seems like it deserves some celebration, so we […]

The Best Day of My Life

Ten years ago today my wife and I were married, which seems like kind of a long time ago, but at the same time seems like yesterday.  I still remember the day very clearly, and, though I have had many great experiences since then, the years have not changed the fact that if you asked […]

Concert in a Giant Egg

Last night my spectacular wife took me to see a concert as a preamble to our tenth anniversary.  The concert was held in a giant concrete egg.  But more on than in a moment.  You see, we have been married for almost ten years now, and we really wanted to do something big to mark […]

When the Wife’s Away…

Yesterday afternoon, my wife left town for a conference.  She will be gone for exactly a day and a half.  She’ll be back late this evening, but last night I had the house to myself.  This meant that I got to chill out and relax (or “chillax,” as the weirdos say) in true bachelor style […]