An Amazing, Original, One-of-a-Kind Piece of Phineas & Ferb Art

I hope this does not sound like bragging, because it really isn’t. I mean, I know I just told you about the unbelievably amazing contest I won, for which we received an original drawing of Edward destroying a restaurant, but it has happened again. Not the restaurant destruction. Well, okay, that has happened again, but that’s […]

The Top 10 Most Underrated Phineas & Ferb Songs

I have terrible news. The greatest show in the history of television, Phineas and Ferb, is coming to an end. TODAY! Today, June 12th, 2015, will see the airing of the final episode of that almighty cartoon, that show that the grown-ups watch when the kids are asleep, that near-perfect panoply of pop-culture perforation. The […]

50 Things Only 10-sies Kids Can Understand

Signs that you were raised in the greatest generation, with a childhood from 2010-2019! Suck it, children of the 20’s! 1) That Sofia the First  had the best theme song of all time (sorry, Doc McStuffins)! 2) Frozen is the greatest movie in the history of cinema. 3) Marvel only came out with two or three movies a […]

Edward Hosts a Play Date

Yesterday after school, Edward’s best friend came over for a playdate.  This is a bit of a milestone, as Edward has previously never had a best friend and has never really invited someone over before that he wasn’t forced to/related to.  In the interests of anonymity I will call this friend “Larry.”  And let me […]

My Latest 25 Mix – November 2013

It’s happened again.  My iPod mix of current and favorite tunes has made it through another cycle.  This means that you get to find out exactly what embarrassing music I have been listening to for the past 6-8 months, which is usually how long it takes me to find 25 songs that I like well […]

The Unresolved Sexual Tension of Children’s Television

Romantic tension is an integral part of many great television shows.  Watching characters that are clearly perfect for each other slowly dance their way into each other’s arms over several seasons can be a real joy, or a terrible frustration.  But there is no denying that it is compelling.  Jim and Pam.  Lois and Clark.  […]

The Greatest Crossovers of All Time

There is nothing like a good crossover.  It’s the reason why “The Avengers” was the number one movie last year, and why there is so much fan-fiction written that attempts to blend two different universes.  There is just something inherently exciting and geek-tastic about two (or more) of your favorite characters meeting and interacting.  I […]