No Child Left Ahead

Ruby has now completed her first full week of Kindergarten.  They started the year with a three day week of half-days (the afternoons were for individual student evaluations) and of course with Labor Day the following Monday they had only a four day week.  Now, with a full five day week under our belts, we […]

School Envy

Edward is very interested in this idea of school.  He does not seem to realize that he is only two, and that this precludes him from going to kindergarten with his older sister.  All morning he has been asking me, “Where’s Ruby?” and when I tell him she’s at school, he wanders around the house […]

First Day of Kindergarten

Well, it finally happened.  Ruby is off to public school and we’ll never get her back again.  I suppose that sounds a little melodramatic, but it’s true.  She was so excited about starting school, and the instant we walked out the door, she abandoned us to hold hands with her friend.  It was very cute, […]

Disaster in Diapers

Let me give you some backstory before I dive right into this tale.  The first thing you should probably know is that we have been trying to potty train Edward in an extremely unsuccessful manner, but the important thing to know is that he has been wearing pull-ups instead of diapers.  The only problem is […]

Closing Ceremonies

Well, that’s it.  Ruby is out of pre-school.  And although yesterday was her last day, they held the closing ceremonies two days earlier, on Monday evening.  Why they decided to give everyone their certificates and then have them go to school for two more days I’ll never know, but that’s how they did it.  Maybe […]

To Ruby On Her Last Day Of School

Well, this is it.  School is over.  Today is your last day of pre-school.  We made it.  I know, I know.  You made it, but you didn’t take this journey alone, and you were not the only one who learned things over the past year.  I learned a lot as well.  I would like to […]

I Think We’re the Weird Family

For a lot of my life I didn’t even bother trying to fit in.  I was clearly weird and I kind of liked that about myself.  As I grew up, I learned, at least partially, to adjust my weirdness levels to fit whatever group I was in, so that even if people thought of me […]

Leprechaun Attack

Ruby’s birthday started off with a bang yesterday as we arrived at school to find that the place had been ransacked by leprechauns.  Despite the leprechaun traps placed all over the school, the entire building was covered with little green footprints.  The water had all turned green.  Chairs were tipped over, books were upside down, […]

The Funniest Thing About Girls

As Ruby was getting ready for school today, she was very insistent that she wear a dress and tights instead of a shirt and pants.  I don’t really care about that, so we picked out a nice warm winter dress and some (I think) matching tights. When we arrived at school, one of the other […]

The Roof Collapsed, and Other Problems

Ruby is going on a field trip today.  Normally this would be very exciting (and in fact, it is very exciting to her), but the field trip is to the sister school a few towns over, and the reason for the field trip is that the roof collapsed. Tuesday morning we drove up to the […]