How We Accidentally Snuck Into Comic Con and Met Stan Lee

Today is my wedding anniversary. Well, not just mine actually. I should say that it is our wedding anniversary. When my wife walked down the aisle 14 years ago I thought I would never love her more. Of course that was before she bought me the best anniversary present ever. Who knew that after 14 years, […]

5 Things My Wife Thinks I Should Blog About

I’m home with the boy today, due to health issues that continue to plague us, and I am feeling kind of sad. I have an opera to memorize by tonight, which I was supposed to be hardcore cramming today, but instead I am watching Word Girl and eating Marshmallow Crispy Oreos. I have no ideas […]

First Kiss

I am here today, not to tell you about any of my children having their first kisses, because that is none of your business and if and when that happens I will probably not write about it under penalty of death. No, I am here because 19 years ago today, I kissed my wife for the […]

The Benefits of Not Having a Wife

We’re home. My wife is finished with grad school (at least the being away from home part of it), and we are all reunited for the foreseeable future. It has been a long several weeks, and I have tried to stay positive as always, even without the love of my life around. In case you, […]

36 Reasons I Love My Wife

1) She knows where I left things. 2) She is beautiful. 3) She can find her way to anywhere if she’s been there once (or sometimes even zero times). 4) I have two wonderful children thanks to some hard work on her part. 5) She worries really hard about what presents to get for me. […]

How We Rescued My Wife From the Bathroom

“Daddy! Mommy’s stuck in the bathroom!” “No, no,” I chuckled, “I think maybe Mommy wants to be stuck in the bathroom. If she’s not coming out, why don’t we give her some space.” Ah, children, I thought to myself, someday they will understand why we adults get “stuck” in the bathroom sometimes. Mommy probably just needs some alone time. “No […]

Fare Thee Well, Sweet Wife

Oh wife. It is I, husband. Today you take your leave of us, as you travel to far off New Hampshire to finish your master’s degree. We are all so very proud of you, but I hope it is not selfish of me to say that I wish it were not so. Do not confuse […]

Infamous Gigs: My Wife’s Boss

Everyone there knew I was a singer. Her co-workers would ask my wife what I did for work, and she would tell them that I was a singer, and they were all very impressed. She would also tell them that I was a very good singer, but I don’t know if they believed her. I […]

Infamous Gigs: The Postal Museum

It all started because my good friend Mim, with whom I attended high school, moved down to D.C. and got a job at the Postal Museum. What?! Have you never heard of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum?! Then you are not a true museum nerd, D.C. buff, or semi-professional philatelist! Because, though it is not as […]


If you are reading this, then thanks.  You are awesome, and I am grateful.  Every link you click, every post you share, and every comment you make, makes me far happier than it should.  Every time my notifications light up with more “likes,” I get a little shot of serotonin right in my happy place, […]