36 Reasons I Love My Wife

1) She knows where I left things.

2) She is beautiful.

3) She can find her way to anywhere if she’s been there once (or sometimes even zero times).

4) I have two wonderful children thanks to some hard work on her part.

5) She worries really hard about what presents to get for me.

6) Sometimes she is the bad guy, so I don’t have to be.

7) Sometimes she is the fun one, so I don’t have to be.

8) I can tell her anything.

9) She is currently earning a master’s degree, working full time, and being an awesome mom, all at the same time.

10) She will tell me her honest opinion when I ask for it.

11) She can decipher my crazy code of hyperbole and excitement.

12) She is a good singer, and will sing when I need her to sing, even last minute.

13) She will listen to me talk, even when she wanted to be asleep 15 minutes ago.

14) She tells it like it is, often to comedic effect.

15) She is hilarious (see #14).

16) She laughs at my terrible jokes.

17) She is an even better dancer than I am.

18) She makes the best scrapbooks ever.

19) She is related to German people who send me candy.

20) She is incredibly supportive of my career. Yes, I have a career. Sort of. Be quiet.

21) She celebrates Father’s Day for me, even though it is always on her birthday weekend.

22) She forgives people.

23) She sings to the children at bedtime, even when she is not home. #facetime

24) You could not ask for a better rollerblading partner.

25) She has seen every superhero movie.

26) She introduces me to great books.

27) She goes on crazy adventures with me.

28) She knows pretty much every important thing.

29) She is madly in love with Chris Hemsworth me.

30) She is the only person on the planet with her name, at least according to Facebook and Google.

31) She is a very fine visual artist.

32) Sorry, I can’t tell you #32. I’m not allowed to blog about my sex life.

33) Even her grumpy face is cute.

34) She makes the best chicken.

35) She constantly helps me dismantle gender stereotypes.

36) She is a force for good in my life, and in this world.

Happy Birthday Tenor Mom! Have fun in class and we’ll see you soon! :*

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