The Difference Between Innocent and Naive

Innocent and naive mean almost the same thing, don’t they? They both mean you have limited exposure to something, but they have vastly different social connotations. Innocence is valued. It is something to be preserved. When you are innocent, it signifies that you are not supposed to know about the things you don’t know about. It […]

If They Still Made Hit Summer Movie Theme Songs

Last year I lamented the fact that the big summer movies no longer have the big summer songs attached to them. Remember the days when all the best albums were soundtracks? Footloose? Men in Black? If there was hit movie, you were listening to the music from it on the radio! But alas, no longer. I […]

Does it Count as Throwback Thursday if You Use a Time Machine?

“I’m not really me,” she told me as she ran into the house and slammed the door. “I’m hiding from the other me.” Then she ran back outside, only to return a few minutes later, slamming the door again. “Ok, have you seen another one of me around here? I’m trying to stay away from […]

The Final Countdown

“I only have 16 days of school left,” my daughter said nonchalantly as we walked home on Wednesday afternoon. A feeling of terror crept over my body. Could this be true? Could this possibly be true? No! There was no way. “No, that can’t be,” I said. “You have two weeks in June, so that’s […]

The Great White Whale of Summer

It was a warm day, warmer than it had yet been that season, and we walked in the front door tired and sweaty. “Can we have ice cream?” the children asked me, and I conceded that yes, if ever there was a time for unscheduled ice cream, this would be that time. I trudged up […]

My Real Name, and the Problems It Has Caused Me

Hello. My name is Adam Hall, and I am Tenor Dad. Phew. That is a load off! When I started writing this blog, it was mostly for my friends and family, but still I referred to myself as “Tenor Dad,” mostly because I thought it was funny to do so. Then, as my audience expanded […]

My Annual Pocket Discovery Adventure

It’s that time of year again.  The time when I have to put on my jacket because, while it is still technically the season of summer, there is a frost warning for tonight.  Putting my jacket on after a lengthy leave of absence is always exciting, because taking it off for the last time is […]

An Evil Cliché Comes True

Every morning for the past infinity days, we have had to drag my daughter out of bed and rush her crying off to school because, like her father, she is a night owl.  She stays up in her bed reading until who-knows-when, and mornings are not her time to shine.  I empathize.  If I could […]

How to Ditch Your Kids and Enjoy Yourself at a Party

“Nooooooo!  We don’t want to go to a boring work party!” shouted the kids in unison. “But kids,” I said with a twinkle in my eye, “get in the car.  Or else.” “Nooooooooooooooooo!” So off we went to a boring work party, by which I mean an awesome party at a big house on an […]