My Eight-Year-Old Learns to Drive

Every day he asks me if he can drive the car. When I decline his generous offer my 8-year-old son asks if he can at least start the car. And maybe release the e-break. And then shift it into reverse for me so we can pull out of the parking spot. And I often say […]

Edward’s First Broadway Show

I honestly  didn’t know if we were going to make it.  After such a long week, and then another busy morning, an evening show seemed like possibly the worst idea ever.  But on the other hand, it was Broadway!  As we had looked over the itinerary for the trip earlier in the week, my wife and I […]

When Your Plans Are Interrupted, You Make New Plans

I never check the news when I am travelling. My normal routine is disrupted, I am busy doing exciting things, and so I often will come home to find out that there has been some sort of major event, natural disaster, celebrity death, or presidential election while I was away for the week and I […]

Edward’s Wish

So much has happened over that past week that I can clearly not contain it in one post, so I won’t. I will spend the next several days regaling you with specific tales, anecdotes, stories, and adventures that took place during our week-long Make-a-Wish trip to New York City. What I will do here is […]

Extreme Packing With a Five-Year-Old

This past weekend, while the rest of America was home celebrating a murdering rapist who discovered India somewhere in Central America, my family and I went away for the weekend. We were gone Friday through Monday, which meant that we needed to pack. Have you ever tried to pack a suitcase with a small child? […]

The Worst Vacation Ever, by Anna the Dog

Awoooooooo! Oooohhhhhh, I am so saaaaaaaad! I do not want to eat any treats or play with any toys. Life is terrible! If you know me, you know how much I love treats and toys, so this is a big deal. I just got back from the worst vacation ever. And it all started out […]

Edward Learns to Drive

If you ever want to get Edward a present, just make sure it has wheels on it.  Planes, trains, cars, motorcycles, fire trucks, bulldozers, and bicycles are all fair game.  And if you want to sweeten the pot, you could make sure the thing actually moves on its own.  Pull it backward and let it […]

The Desert of Maine – A Place Out of Place

Did you know that there is a desert in Maine?  You know, sand dunes, camels, an oasis, etc.  Well if you didn’t, don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  Alex Trebek didn’t either, and when someone on Jeopardy answered “What is the Desert of Maine” to the answer “This is the eastern-most desert in the US,” Alex […]