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So much has happened over that past week that I can clearly not contain it in one post, so I won’t. I will spend the next several days regaling you with specific tales, anecdotes, stories, and adventures that took place during our week-long Make-a-Wish trip to New York City. What I will do here is to give you a brief overview of our trip, and to answer the question that I had a hard time finding the answer to online: how exactly does a Make-a-Wish trip work?

Leading up to the trip we were a little nervous, because we really had no logistical idea of what was going to be happening, but then our wish fairies came to the rescue with “the folder.” The folder was our most prized possession last week, because it contained a very detailed itinerary for our trip, day by day, moment by moment, telling us where to be when, how to retrieve various passes and tickets, and pretty much anything else we would need to know. Not that there were not surprises hidden throughout the course of the week, but we knew the general timeline, which was amazing.

We also got a check which covered meals and other expenses, like taxis, subway passes, etc. It was far more than we expected it to be, and after having several meals suddenly paid for and other expenses covered, we were not hurting for cash. In fact, we are going to make a donation to Make-a-Wish with a portion of what we had left over when we got home. These people take care of you. They called every day or two to check in while we were in NY, and one day we even had a wish representative take us around for part of the adventure.

So now that you know how it worked, let’s talk about the wish itself. Edward’s wish, based on his love of the open-world Manhattan of his favorite video game (Lego Marvel Super Heroes), was to go to New York and basically take different vehicles around, like one does in the game. And boy did Make-a-Wish come through. Here is a partial list of the vehicles we took around the city:

Fire Boat
Double Decker Bus
Sideways Performance Art Bus
Fire Van

Okay, we didn’t actually take the submarine around the city; it was stationary. But we went on it! If you want a better sense of what we did, I compiled at least 80% of it into the following video. And I’ll be back tomorrow to better break down the beginning of the trip. I hope you’ll be here too.

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