Edward Makes a Phone Call

After our late and exciting evening at the hot air balloon festival, we decided to sleep in, relaxing and lounging in our moderately fabulous hotel room that included doors between my bed and the children’s bed.  We made it to breakfast exactly before it ended, we did nothing all glorious morning, and then we went back up to the room to pack and get ready to leave.

I hopped in the shower and when I got out, Edward informed me that he had just been talking to his Aunt Stephanie on the telephone.  Now, Edward is three years old and does not know quite how phones work yet, and we were in Canada with no international service, so this seemed dubious to me, but I asked my wife if perhaps she had been talking to her sister and maybe Edward had said “hello” to her.

“No, I haven’t talked to her,” my wife informed me.  “He keeps saying that he was talking to Stephanie, but I think he was just playing with the phone in the room.”  This seemed true, so I just smiled and agreed with him as he told me at length about the conversation he had been having with “Stephanie.”

We got everything cleaned up, packed up, and shipped out, so I went down to the front desk and turned my key card in, ready to be on my way.  When I got to the car I couldn’t find my water bottle.  The one with Thor on it.  And I really needed some water.  I checked the trunk.  I checked under my seat.  I grilled my family members.  No water bottle.  So now I had to go back into the hotel and explain to them that I needed to get back into the room I had just checked out of, because my absent-minded three year old son had left his Thor water bottle somewhere in the room!

I said as much to the woman at the front desk, hoping she would not see through my facade.  “Oh, that’s fine,” she said, pulling out her key card making machine.  “Your son is so cute, you know.”

“Yes, yes, he’s very cute,” I agreed, anxious to get out of there before she saw the superheroes on my t-shirt.

“You know, I had a long talk with him this morning.”

“You did?” I asked.

“Oh yes.  He called me and asked how I was doing.  He kept calling me Stephanie, but he had such a cute voice, so I just played along.  We talked for several minutes.  Then he said he had to go.  He told me to have a nice day, and that he loved me, so I said I loved him too, and then he hung up.  It was so cute!”

“Wow.  Uhhhh, well thanks for talking to him.”

“Oh, no problem sir.  Here’s your key.”

I took the key, found my water bottle, and then raced back to the car to tell my wife the story.  After I had stopped laughing of course.  “Hey, guess what!  Edward really did talk to Stephanie this morning!  Sort of…”  Thanks goodness this hotel does not employ grumpy, mean people at the front desk.

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