HYPOCHONDRIAC – a person who is abnormally anxious about their health.

HYPOCHRONODRIAC – a person who is abnormally anxious about the passage of time.

Don’t want to be a hypo-chrono-driac
Hyper aware of the press of time upon my back
Viewing each day not as a gift, but as more of an attack
Only thinking of days I’ll never get back

Tomorrow is the very last day
But it’s not the last very last day
But it’s someone’s last very last day
And none of us know for whom it may be

So that makes today the penultimate day
So what do we do on penultimate days?
Are they just to prepare for the ultimate day?
Just to make us aware of the ultimate day?

Don’t want to be a hypo-chrono-driac
Hyper aware of the days that I lack
Watching the minutes fall down from the rack
Trying to hold on as they slip through the cracks

I stare at her face and I see her today
And there in her face I see her yesterday
And somewhere in her face I see time pass away
And I see her tomorrows, her joys, her decay

Time is a mirror, but cracked and askew
Memories change giving distorted views
Futures seems certain, or hopeless, or bought
But in the end nothing turns out like we thought

Don’t let me be a hypo-chrono-driac
Give me the foresight to take a step back
Days aren’t for losing, they’re there in the sack
And each morning we get one more to unpack

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