Is it Better to Battle or Bitterly Buckle?

Is it better to battle or bitterly buckle
When faced with an obstinate boy?
If they pick a position that’s perfectly polar,
Like “Floors are the best place for toys?”

They’ll shudder, shake, shriek, shiver, shimmy, and screech,
And on one hand you want to attack.
But continuing conflict can cause cranky crashing,
So maybe just take a step back?

Loving the lowlife mean lessons and learning
And what will they learn if you cave?
They’ll believe this behavior begets bounteous blessings.
Give in and they’ll never behave!

Of course this is assuming they’re someone with somewhat
Of a rational mind.  Well, they’re not.
If they’re younger than seven (or more than eleven)
A transitional brain’s what they’ve got.

It’s under construction.  It’s prone to destruction.
It’s one word away from meltdown.
When hearts have been hardened, though harder to handle,
You might need to just go sit down.

You’re not going to win, with the whining and wailing,
You’ll just make yourself more upset.
So rather than railing, remove the rude rascal.
A day in their room’s what they’ll get.

Now notice: no noise! Isn’t nothing much nicer
Than rancor, frustration, and venom?
It’s true there are times you should try to teach toddlers,
But not so much that you regret ’em.

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