One Simple Trick For Remembering Whether or Not You Have Washed Your Hair

Here’s a problem that is all too common: you get in the shower, stand under the water for some unknown amount of time, decide it is time to get out, but you cannot for the life of you remember if you have washed your hair yet or not. Right? Are you with me?! You can clearly remember washing your hair at some point, but you have done it so many times that you cannot be sure that the memory you are recalling was from 5 minutes ago, or yesterday. You think you washed it, but when? So maybe you wash it again. Or maybe you skip it. I wash my hair every day, 0-2 times. I would love to consolidate this to exactly 1 time.

Wait, you don’t all have this problem? It is just me? Well, at least a few of you must have suffered from this conundrum. I’m not the only person out there with ADHD. I’m not the only person out there who spends so long in the shower that they cannot reasonably remember the beginning of it by the time they get to the end. I mean, you all know what I do in the shower, and it takes a while to cram all of that activity in there. How can I be expected to remember if I shampooed myself yesterday or today? It’s pretty much impossible.

But wait! I have a solution! Yes, it does involve some remembering in and of itself, so it is not the perfect solution, but it is at least a step in the direction of having clean hair. Here’s what you can do. First, you should notice which kind of shampoo bottle you have. If you have the kind with the pump top, this is very easy. You just swing the top of the pump around to face away from you after your hair has been washed. That way, when you can no longer recall the events of the preceding few minutes, you will have a visual marker to find your mental way by. Then you just have to remember to swing it back around again at the end of the shower, or the beginning of the next one. This is the tricky part.

If you do not have a pump top bottle, it becomes slightly more difficult, in that you must turn the entire bottle around to face the wall of the shower. Yes, this is much more work, but I think you will agree it is worth it, once you start walking around every day with a confidently clean head. Again, do not forget to turn the bottle back around to face you again before the next shower, or you will never have clean hair ever again. You will always assume that you have already washed it. This is a dangerous game we are playing. And don’t even get me started on what happens when you have overnight guests that don’t know your system…

Though the perils are many, I think we can all agree that the rewards are well worth it, and peace of mind is a gift that exceeds almost any cost. I hope this tip will be useful to those of you in my situation. And if you are one of those weirdos with a properly functioning brain (i.e. not a parent), then you can ignore this entire article and just wander around the world smelling of strawberries and vanilla, oblivious to your privilege.

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