The One Thing You Should Never Ask a Man

I was at Edward’s soccer game the other day, watching the kids warm up and kick the ball around, when it happened. I know I am not the first man this has happened to, but really, it is 2016. Haven’t we learned to be a little more sensitive by now? I think you all know the question I am talking about. It is the one question you should never ask!

There I was, on the side of the field, happily enjoying the sight of my son attempting to kick a ball without falling over, when suddenly I was struck directly in the stomach by a rogue bludger. Or it may have just been a regular soccer ball. Either way, it was not comfortable. The little guy who kicked it into me looked very concerned and he came running right over.

“I’m sorry!” said the kid, who couldn’t have been more than four or five years old. “Did I hurt the baby in your tummy?”


“I see you have a baby in your tummy. Is the baby okay?”

I assured him that no babies were injured during the incident. And then I wandered off to lose more weight. I may be down 17 pounds since I started three months ago, but I guess I haven’t lost enough yet. *sigh* And people, never ask a man if he is pregnant! It is very rude. He is most likely not.

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