Oscar Nominations 2016

Last year, as you may recall, I made a bet with Cave Dane, my brother-in-law who is good at winning, as to which one of us could more accurately predict the best picture nominations prior to the announcement. And obviously, he won. Despite the fact that I host an epic Oscars party every year, and actually see movies from time to time, Cave still managed to squeak past me by one selection. But not this year. This year I was sure I was going to win. I had a new strategy. This year I made my selections at the last minute without doing any research. Let’s see how I did. Because here are the 2016 Academy Award nominees for best picture:

The Big Short – Ha ha! Look at that! I am already winning! I picked this one, and Cave did not. I should point out that I have only seen one movie on this list (and it wasn’t this one), and therefore do not know what I am talking about, but one movie in and I at least know more than Cave. Maybe I will win the trophy back this year.

Bridge of Spies – WHAT?! Are you kidding me?! I picked this one too! And Cave did not! I am up so far, two to nothing! Maybe I should do less research more often! Side note: I often find that the blog posts I spend the most time and think will do really well are the ones that fall flat in terms of views and response, but the ones I just type up hurriedly because I am late for something get great feedback. Takeaway? I should trust my soul more than my brain. In all things. And now, back to the movies.

Brooklyn – We both got this one. No big deal. I’m still up 3-1. I put it on my list because my friend Clizzle said it was the best movie ever, which means that she probably cried a lot, which means it is probably very sad, which means Oscars! Thanks, Clizzle.

Mad Max: Fury Road – This is the only movie out of the nominated eight that I have seen. This is also because I saw it at home, rented. This is because I am a parent of small children. I hope the other films quickly make their way into the Redbox so I can see them as well. Anyway, it was pretty good, so I put it on my list. Cave put it on his list too. 4-2 Tenor Dad.

The Martian – I am currently reading the book. It is quite good so far. Maybe when I am done with the book, I will see the movie. The movie will probably not be as good. Although it was nominated for best picture, so maybe it will be. (It won’t be) Cave and I each add one to our score here for a 5-3 standing. Three movies to go.

The Revenant – I mean, duh, right? Cave and I didn’t even have to do any research to know that this was the front runner to not only be nominated, but win the whole thing. 6:4.

Room – Uh oh. Neither of us got this one. It was not on our lists. And judging by the gasps of people in the the crowd at the announcements, it was not on those journalists’ lists either. This one was perhaps a bit of a surprise. Still 6:4, which means I have already technically won with only one reveal left, but lets keep going to see if I win even bigger.

Spotlight – I believe this was the front runner before everyone saw The Revenant. Cave also believed it. It was another obvious lock, even to people paying minimal attention.Which puts our final tally at 7:5. Whoo-hoo! I finally won, after years and years of, well, okay, just the one year, but after a loss record of 100%, I can finally add my name to that trophy that Cave is going to make for me!

Of course the way that our game works is that we each get to choose ten movies, so that means I had three picks that didn’t make it, and Cave had five. Curious as to what they were? If not, click away home and I’ll see you tomorrow. But if you want to know what else we were thinking about, read on!

Carol – We both listed Carol as a potential nominee. And to our credits, Carol did get nominated for a bunch of other stuff. I thought, heading into that final round of announcements, that we would be hearing that title called out at the end, and was surprised when we didn’t.

Sicario – Again, we both put this down, it got a bunch of other nominations, and I thought the foreshadowing was there for a best picture nod. We were mistaken.

Trumbo – This was my other pick, which I knew was a long shot but I just love Bryan Cranston. And it is still the movie I am most interested in seeing out of all the movies on this whole long post.

Cave’s other picks were Inside Out, Ex Machina, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but I will not get into why he picked them because this is not his blog, and also because I am not him and I have no idea, other than they are the other three movies I would most like to see on this list, and I’ve already seen two of them! Seriously though, I could  probably watch Inside Out and The Force Awakens infinity times each and not be tired of them.

So there you have it folks! We have a race. Now get out there to the movies, and then you just have to hope you can score an invitation to my party. And if you don’t get an invitation but really want to come, the perfect way to ensure that you can come is to buy me a bigger house. That would do it for sure. Happy watching!

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